Business case

The partners commissioned an outline business case in 2014. The purpose of this business case was to prove that the Hub concept was technically feasible so that the partners could proceed confidently to implement it. The business case was also a snapshot in time, at August 2014 (and updated in February 2016), and it has inevitably adapted and changed as the project progressed. Nonetheless, it showed that there was a strong rationale for a Mildenhall Hub whenever and however it is pursued; for taxpayers, service users and service providers.

It is critical to note that the designs contained within the business case were purely conceptual and not necessarily an indication of what might be pursued or submitted in any planning applications. While they reflected what the partners thought they might need as at July 2014 and February 2016, they were merely shown to demonstrate how the buildings could look and how they would fit on the sites. The financial models from that time were also based on these design concepts.

The business case was to help progress the project to design and delivery stage. Detailed design work since has reflected the results of consultation with the local community, an adopted Development Brief and pre-application advice from the local planning authority.

Download a copy of the 2016 updated Business case - May 2016 (PDF 3Mb)

Each partner has developed their own internal business case and funding plans. For more information visit our Background reports page.